Cate at Crux Crush offers tips for the pregnant climber and reviews the Mountain Mama by Mad Rock climbing harness and a bunch of our clothes, saying:

"In addition to Mountain Mama’s harness, I’m stoked on their outdoor maternity clothes. They get that girls like us are going to keep getting down and dirty, hiking and climbing even when we’re growing a baby. Somehow they managed to design gear that’s cute like the criss-crossed back Marni Movement Maternity Tank, won’t flash your belly or butt, stretches enough but not too much, wicks sweat, is super soft, and also works to keep you warm when layered."

Read the whole thing HERE


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We're honored to be one of the first companies featured by Garage Grown Gear, a website highlighting Made-in-USA outdoor gear!

"At first, people were really freaked out at seeing pregnant mannequins at an outdoor trade show, especially pregnant mannequins wearing a climbing harness. But now the conversation is evolving. People are less surprised and more excited at the prospect of active pregnancies...."

Read the whole company overview here.

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"I just wanted to say thanks to Mountain Mama for a product that makes us moms feel great and keeps us comfortably attired for outdoor, active lifestyles." Read the entire review here.

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Check out this fantastic full-page feature with Mountain Mama's founder and find out how the company started, why she wants a harness for pregnant climbers, and much more. But that wasn't the only press we got at Outdoor Retailer, the big semi-annual Outdoor Industry tradeshow in Salt Lake City. 

This summer Mountain Mama was mentioned five (yes, five!) times in four days of OR Daily show coverage. In addition to this interview (PDF link) and new product mentions for our adorable Outdoor Alphabet gear for kids and climbing harness prototype, we got a great half-page write-up on the harness and its evolution.


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Our Mountain Mama by Mad Rock Climbing Harness made Outside Magazine's "Best New Gear for Active Families" list! Here's what they had to say:

I’m all for active pregnancies, but I have to admit that the world’s first maternity climbing harness for expecting mamas stopped me in my tracks: good idea or bad? Mountain Mama founder Teresa Delfin, who climbed through her first pregnancy, assuaged my skepticism by telling me it’s strictly for top roping, where risk and consequence of falling is much lower than when you’re lead climbing. Co-designed by the gear gurus at Mad Rock, with a full-body harness that won’t dig into the belly and padded leg loops, this is the one—and, not surprisingly, only—harness made specifically for your baby bump. Like all Mountain Mama products, it’s made in the U.S.; still in prototype mode, but should be available in spring 2013. Start 'em young!

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We surprised Jentri at with one of our Half Moon Tees. The comfortable fit won her over, but it's how it held up to the full baby attack that put it over the top. It's worth reading!


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We got picked as "Latest and Greatest" by Nature for Kids from everything on display at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market! Here's why:

Mountain Mama’s New Maternity Line – A few days ago I gave you the scoop on Mountain Mama’s new maternity rock climbing harness ($120), which was created in conjunction with Mad Rock Climbing. It’s the worlds first! Crazy cool. Plus this spring Mountain Mama is bringing those glowing woman cycling apparel, running skirts, swimsuits, technical tops, bottoms and dresses. 

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Suite101 picks our San Juan Eco Hoodie as an Ultimate Baby Shower gift because it's comfy, stylish, and affordable. Here's why they love it:

Mountain Mama creates high-quality, durable, practical and comfortable clothing that allows women to stay active during pregnancy in style. These clothes are specifically designed for those women who "play outdoors". As founder and CEO of Mountain Mama, adventurer - Teresa Delfin, points out, staying active is good for mom and for baby when expecting.

I am not quite sure what it is about hoodies, but when I put one on ... it signals my brain for relaxation and focus. It is as though I feel safe to "just be". The San Juan Eco Hoodie is a Mountain Mama customer favorite. It is easy to see why once you wear one. This hoodie has a cross-front design, an oversized hood and thumb hole cuffs. It comfortable and easy to nurse in and fits perfectly during pregnancy. It is flattering to my figure and I feel good about the way I look when I wear it. It is super soft and gives me great support.

All Mountain Mama tops feature Bellyglove fit - advanced fabrics create unique, one-of-a-kind maternity and nursing clothing. Bellyglove technology will give you the perfect fit because as the name suggests it always fits like a glove.

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Lindsey at interviewed Mountain Mama's founder Teresa Delfin on staying active during pregnancy. 

Check out Teresa's answers on her favorite activities, what she did during her two pregnancies, why making clothes for active pregnancy is important to her, as well as her advice on what to do during and after pregnancy to stay healthy and fit.

Read it all here.

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The trendsetting cycling gear site has given a shout out to our new maternity cycling shorts and jersey (available later this summer).

The new cycling line up is comprised of the form fitting, Ardennes Jersey, which retails for a reasonable $58, and the Emilia Cycling Bib short which retails for $68.

The cycling clothes are made with their proprietary EstiraMesh, but they also use plant-based fabrics such as Tencel, Bamboo, or Modal whenever possible.

The company designs and produces all of its products in the USA!

Read the whole post here.

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