ABC News' Good Morning America crew came out with us to Joshua Tree. Check out Aimee Roseborrough making it look easy climbing Headstone 34 weeks pregnant.

Since some questions have been raised by non-climbers about the risk involved, it is important to note that Aimee and her unborn child were never in any danger.  It may look scary, but what she's doing is safer than driving to the grocery.

As you can see, Aimee was in a full-body harness on a top rope with a highly experienced belayer (former climbing instructor and champion climber, Teresa Delfin, aka our founder). So the most Aimee could "fall" in the unlikely event of an accident would be a few inches -- less than missing a step on a stair.  

And with 14 years experience and a skill level that lets her routinely climb routes twice this difficult, that's not a worry. Which is why her OB says its fine.