Suite101 picks our San Juan Eco Hoodie as an Ultimate Baby Shower gift because it's comfy, stylish, and affordable. Here's why they love it:

Mountain Mama creates high-quality, durable, practical and comfortable clothing that allows women to stay active during pregnancy in style. These clothes are specifically designed for those women who "play outdoors". As founder and CEO of Mountain Mama, adventurer - Teresa Delfin, points out, staying active is good for mom and for baby when expecting.

I am not quite sure what it is about hoodies, but when I put one on ... it signals my brain for relaxation and focus. It is as though I feel safe to "just be". The San Juan Eco Hoodie is a Mountain Mama customer favorite. It is easy to see why once you wear one. This hoodie has a cross-front design, an oversized hood and thumb hole cuffs. It comfortable and easy to nurse in and fits perfectly during pregnancy. It is flattering to my figure and I feel good about the way I look when I wear it. It is super soft and gives me great support.

All Mountain Mama tops feature Bellyglove fit - advanced fabrics create unique, one-of-a-kind maternity and nursing clothing. Bellyglove technology will give you the perfect fit because as the name suggests it always fits like a glove.